Art and activism

I work in several fields of art like drawings, paintings, sculptures, photos, videos and also programming. Nowadays I do mostly music composition and play the saxophone. I also work with a 3D-printed sculpture project.

My main subject in arts has been several years sex-gender definitions and I have made activist art for to human rights recognition in this field. For example, I asked European Commission, how they protect rule of law and equality when states determines citizens gender after biological research has unveiled the complex of sex definitions. (see for example Nature: Sex redefined, 2015).

I am happy that EU parliament member Sirpa Pietikäinen gave this question to the Commission, but unfortunately they did not really answered my question.

Arbitrarily determined a legal status would violate the rule of law, so the basis for determining gender (and sex) should be corrected in the light of science.

More about the sex-gender subject in my essay: The Destruction of the Sex and Gender Boxes. I also published a few articles about this subject at Medium.

Other artworks

Some of my artworks are on sale at Society6 and for others, please contact by the form