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Art and activism

I am fine artist and just released my first single named Pienenpieni Fanfaari. I made this during lockdown with my phone:

I studied fine arts in Art School MAA, at Helsinki 2005-2009.

My main subject in arts has related to sex-gender and sexuality. I also actively work for human rights in this field.

In many countries, like in Finland for example, the law violates my basic human rights just because my legal gender changed from male to female.

I asked the European Commission, how they protect the rule of law and equality when states determine citizens’ gender after biological research has unveiled the complex of sex definitions. (see for example Nature: Sex redefined, 2015).

It is obvious that gametes are binary but sex traits are a spectrum. In biologically, no 100% male or female exists because everyone’s sex traits have developed first weeks similar during the first weeks of pregnancy.

Most people do have clear male- or female-typical traits. However, The United Nations organization has declared that at least 1.7 percent of people fall biologically in between male and female definitions. When considering all of the variations of sex and gender millions of people’s gender has defined incorrectly in official documents.

As far as the legal gender defines, for example, who you are allowed to marry in most of the countries, incorrect definition violates basic human rights.

After biological facts of complex sex have found, it is clear that not any state may define newborns (sex/)gender. Instead, this definition should be made by ourselves since we only know exactly our own gender.

I am happy that EU parliament member Sirpa Pietikäinen gave this question to the Commission. Unfortunately, they did not really answer my question.

Arbitrarily determined a legal status would violate the rule of law, so the basis for determining gender (and sex) should be corrected in the light of science.

More about the sex-gender subject in my essay: The Destruction of the Sex and Gender Boxes. I also published a few articles about this subject at Medium.